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Have yourself some kushy Tequila Shotgun Dabs…. Similar to shotgunning a bong, taking Tequila Shotgun Dabs is when you take a hit of (inhale) concentrated cannabis, hold that hit in, then take a shot of tequila, and finally exhale. Lime and salt optional.

#NationalTequilaDay #2021

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Go Dodgers Glass! This dope oil rig was a gift from one of our affiliates in Venice Beach. Thanks. The complete diffuser style bubbler set currently sells for $266 including a titanium nail, dome piece, extra glass nail, regular bowl piece, and a smooth carrying case. Please email us for custom orders. More teams and colors coming soon…. Go Dodgers and Support your OG(s) @WeedConnection

#Pieces @WeedConnection
#Pieces @WeedConnection

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This generic vaporizer pen (battery) is actually slightly better than the same product/designer brand piece that was lost and replaced. These vape pens are dope because they are literally the size of a pen, easy to transport or conceal, and there is no button, which is chill because the regulator gives you a perfect hit without permitting neo-social medicating partners to waste medz on the over dosage. The terps/dabs/extracts come in clear cartridges with attached mouth pieces and the pen/battery charges via USB. Highly concentrated vape pen medz are potent AF, but the fade is different and does not last as long as when blazing; however, this ish definitely does the job and always tastes and smells delicious. Available online and at many stores, email for more information, dank deals, locations, and custom recommendations. Support, subscribe, follow, share, like, and terp it up anytime anywhere with this vape selection @WeedConnection

#Pieces @WeedConnection
#Pieces @WeedConnection

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Moon Rocks are nugs covered with oil or wax and then coated with kif. Strains can vary, so the best way to assure uber moon rockin quality is to buy the best medz and make your own; however, you can acquire them ready made. Whatever your preference is, heavyhits@weedconnection.comconnect for dank deals and custom recommendations. Support, subscribe, follow, share, like, and sample the highly recommended treez from chronic collection @WeedConnection

#MoonRocks @WeedConnection
#MoonRocks @WeedConnection