Sensi Star
Acquired From: ZZZ in Hollywood, Ashmoon, WVC, & OGR
Price: $20/G, $50-65/8th
Reviewed By:
- Tue, 30 Mar 2010 11:11:11 PST

Sensi Star is a top-notch indica dominant hybrid that usually makes me feel more up and like a rockstar than down and relaxed like a characteristic indica variety. In the past this strain made me feel real good during some really tough times. The effect is usually a chill body and cerebral high. The strains from the valley felt more potent than what we got hooked up with in Hollywood. However, the nugs from ZZZ were beautifully trimmed and cured; plus, every time I see this strain anywhere it is drippin' resin and trichromes. This flower can be validated by its nice pungent and distinct fruity lemony aroma and flavor. The buds in the photos are from ZZZ and the featured piece is the Grenade from who hooked up the bomb pipe while we were at CHAMPS in Vegas. This Grenade has an extra phat chamber that will blast you with thick smoke rather than shrapnel. Fight for peace! Bomb the chron!! Legalize the trees!!!

Sensi Star

Grenade + Sensi Star

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