Northern Goo (Cheese) + VaporTower
Acquired From: [removed for now]
Price: $17.14/G, 60/8th
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- Mon, 03 May 2010 04:20:00 PST

This Northern Goo was acquired from [removed for now]. Mr. MB, head honcho of this co-op, told us this flower is really known as "CHEESE." We did some research and learned that she is a renowned strain in the UK. This sativa dominant hybrid was darker green in color and had orange-brown and some yellow hairs. Resembling a Cali Orange or Green Crack variety, this herb hits smooth, had a pleasant smell and taste, and an up high that did not let us down once the fade wore off.

After trying this flower on its own, we threw some EGC into the mix, put our new Green House Seed Co. promotional grinder to use (acquired @THC Expose), and grinded up a little salad bowl for our VaporTower (also acquired @THC Expose). The VaporTower, a gift from Aje @, is a chill vaporizer that definitely works better than some of the others we tried in the past!

The wood box plugs into a standard outlet and takes a few moments to heat up. There are a power switch and a temperature control dial on the front and an opening on the top; where the female bowl piece connects to a male glass on glass heat source. The bowl has a screen that you place your medication on before screwing it into the tube, which also has a screen that kinda sandwiches the medz in place (between the tube and the bowl screens). The tube is rubber and smells funny after a few uses. I do not like how the bowl heats up and you then have to wait for it to cool down before it can be unscrewed and packed with a freshy. There is a small glass mouth piece at the end of the tube. Be careful not to break this part like we did. Fortunately Aje was cool and had spare mouth pieces! The best thing about this vape: it hits well and you can load it with enough weed to get a small group of people high!

The VaporTower was fo sho a Serious Pimp addition to our booth @THC Expose! >> Check out (please use this affiliate link when purchasing) << inHaLe SaFe :)

Northern Goo (Cheese) + VaporTower    Northern Goo (Cheese) + VaporTower

Northern Goo (Cheese) + VaporTower    Northern Goo (Cheese) + VaporTower

Northern Goo (Cheese) + VaporTower    Northern Goo (Cheese) + VaporTower

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