#LifeSaber #Vaporizer
Acquired From: Head Change Distributors
Price: $ Gift
Reviewed By: buffalosoldier@weedconnection.com
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- Thu, 20 Jun 2013 04:20:21 PST

The Life Saber Vaporizer one of the best vaporizers ever. It is what they call a social vaporizer. It heats up quick and it is easy to pack multiple bowls. There is a long power cord, which simplifies the task of passing it around. This device is called the Life Saber because it looks like a light saber from Star Wars. You truly feel like a Jedi Master Kush the first couple of times you blaze out of it. Get this Vape @ Head Change Distributors. Mention Weed Connection referred you and they will give you a 15% discount. May the force be with you.

#LifeSaber #Vaporizer

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