#Blitz #Bowl #Glass
Acquired From: OGR, UBSS
Price: $ Gift
Reviewed By: heavyhits@weedconnection.com
pieces :: glass
- Fri, 02 May 2014 04:20:21 PST

Blitz Bowl is the current bowl piece of the infamous bong known by the name of Blitzfang. Blitz Bowl is both the longest surviving and dopest bowl piece used with Blitzfang. This glass was a gift per request from an affiliated smokeshop. It had a small crack and could not be sold. Cracks expand over time resulting in broken pieces. Despite dropping this fragile looking bowl a few times, it is still fully functional, but with a slightly larger and hardly noticeable defect. The bowl is nice and deep, but the hole could be a little smaller to make the weed burn longer. Not currently working with the shop where this was acquired. Please send us more glass for review and advertising rates negotiable. Click here to email for more information. Support, subscribe, follow, and mention @WeedConnection

#Blitz #Bowl #Glass 

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