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Clinical Trial: Use of CBD Associated with Greater Emotional Wellness

Sao Paulo, Brazil: The daily administration of CBD is associated with lower levels of emotional exhaustion, anxiety, and depression, according to clinical trial data published in JAMA Psychiatry.

A team of investigators affiliated with the University of São Paulo in Brazil evaluated the safety and efficacy of CBD treatment in a cohort of 120 frontline health care professionals. Half of the study’s participants received 300mgs of CBD daily for a period of four weeks. Others did not receive the substance.

Those undergoing CBD treatment exhibited fewer signs of emotional exhaustion and burnout as compared to those subjects who did not. CBD consumption was also associated with less anxiety and depression. However, five of the subjects assigned to use CBD had to eventually drop out of the trial after suffering from serious adverse events, including elevated liver enzymes.

“This randomized clinical trial found that the efficacy and safety of daily treatment with CBD, 300 mg, for 4 weeks combined with standard care was superior to standard care alone for reducing the symptoms of emotional exhaustion, anxiety, and depression among frontline health care professionals working with patients with COVID-19,” authors concluded. “Cannabidiol may act as an effective agent for the reduction of burnout symptoms among a population with important mental health needs worldwide.”

Full text of the study, “Efficacy and safety of cannabidiol plus standard care vs standard care alone for the treatment of emotional exhaustion and burnout among frontline health care workers during the COVID-19 pandemic: A Randomized clinical trial,” appears in JAMA Psychiatry.

Study: Medical Cannabis Laws Associated with Declines in Youth Cigarette Use

Irvine, CA: The enactment of medical cannabis access laws is associated with reduced rates of cigarette smoking among young people, according to data published in the journal Cannabis.

A team of researchers affiliated with the University of California at Irvine and with Pennsylvania State University assessed the relationship between medical cannabis legalization laws and cigarette initiation among adolescents.

They concluded: “Our results indicate lower odds of initiating cigarettes, in every age group (8 years old or younger, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15-16, 17 years old or older) in states with MMLs [medical marijuana laws] when compared to non-MML states. … Further research should evaluate how MMLs and recreational marijuana policies are associated with e-cigarette initiation and use.”

Data published recently in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research reported that the passage of adult-use marijuana laws is not associated with any uptick in youth tobacco use.

Full text of the study, “State medical marijuana laws and initiation of cigarettes among adolescents in the US, 1991-2015,” appears in Cannabis.

California: Retailers Not Selling Cannabis to Underage Patrons

San Diego, CA: Marijuana retailers in California consistently check IDs prior to making cannabis sales, according to data published in the journal JAMA Pediatrics.

A pair of researchers affiliated with the University of California at San Diego and with UCLA assessed retailers’ compliance with the state’s minimum age laws.

Consistent with prior studies, investigators identified virtually no incidences of retailers selling cannabis to patrons without first validating that they were age 21 or older.

They reported, “California laws further require ID check before any purchase, and overall compliance with this rule was high at 678 [out of 700 eligible] RCDs [recreational cannabis dispensaries] (96.8 percent).”

Studies from other states where marijuana sales are legal, such as Colorado and Oregon, have similarly reported exceptionally high compliance rates among licensed facilities.

Full text of the study, “Assessment of recreational cannabis dispensaries’ compliance with underage access and marketing restrictions in California,” appears in JAMA Pediatrics.

Michigan: Most Residents Live Within 20 Minutes of a Marijuana Retailer

East Lansing, MI: A supermajority of Michigan residents live in close proximity to a licensed marijuana retail establishment, according to a geographic analysis by the Anderson Economic Group.

Their report indicates that adult-use retail stores are integrated throughout most of the state. “Over 80 percent of Michiganders now live within a 20-minute drive of an adult-use retail store,” said Brian Peterson, AEG director of public policy and economic analysis. “Our analysis shows that the retailers have established themselves across the state in order to meet consumer demand for cannabis.”

The Michigan experience differs from that of some other states, like California, where a majority of cities have prohibited the establishment of local retail stores. In New Jersey, where commercial sales are expected to begin next year, nearly half of cities and towns have opted out of permitting local marijuana businesses.

Nearly 750 commercial retailers are currently operating in Michigan. About 55 percent of retailers cater to medical cannabis patients, while the remaining 45 percent of stores are adult-use facilities.

Full text of the AEG analysis is online.

Maine: Non-Residents Eligible for Commercial Marijuana Licenses

Augusta, ME: A federal court judge has struck down regulations barring out-of-state companies from operating marijuana dispensaries.

At issue was a 2011 rule mandating that licensed medical cannabis retailers must be in-state residents. In her ruling, US District Court Judge Nancy Torres opined that Maine’s medical cannabis industry is not “wholly interstate” – as dispensaries are permitted to sell to those from other states. Therefore, she determined that it was inconsistent for the law to provide preferences to in-state residents wishing to sell medical cannabis.

Earlier this year, state officials set aside a separate regulation mandating that applicants seeking adult-use sales licenses must be in-state residents.

Going forward, out-of-state residents will be able to seek licensure to operate both medical cannabis and/or adult-use retail facilities.

The full text of the ruling, Northeast Patients Group v. Maine Department of Administrative and Financial Services, is available online.

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