#Stoner #Jokes #3 @WeedConnection

1) How do fish party? Seaweed!

2) Confucious says: Man who stand on toilet high on pot.

3) Why drink and drive when you can smoke and fly?

4) If there is a God and that God created medical cannabis, does that make God a pharmacist?

5) You ever hear the one about the stoner who studied five days for a urine test?

6) What do you call one bowl between three medical cannabis patients? Malnutrition.

7) One day I was drunk and stoned at my friends house and found their medical cannabis on the floor. I told them someone was going to trip on it, so I smoked it.

8) The pot paradox: An empty bowl needs to be filled and a full bowl needs to be emptied.

9) What does Andy Pandy get when he goes down on Raggidy Ann? Cotton-mouth

10) What do you call a couple of stoners having sex? Baked Lays!

#Stoner #Jokes @WeedConnection
#Stoner #Jokes @WeedConnection

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