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University of Massachusetts to Receive NORML Archives; Building Largest Marijuana Law Reform Collection

Amherst, MA: The W.E.B. Du Bois Center, at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, officially receives NORML's archives dating from 1970, along with the personal archives of pioneering physician and author Lester Grinspoon, MD (formerly with Harvard Medical School), this weekend during a two-day event focusing on the organized effort for the last 45 years to end cannabis prohibition.

"NORML is excited to donate the world's largest marijuana law reform archive and memorabilia collection for the benefit of scholarly research on how a social movement to legalize marijuana sufficiently moved public opinion from opposing legalization to supporting an end to prohibition," remarked NORML executive director and University of Massachusetts alumnus Allen St. Pierre.

The events Sunday and Monday featuring lectures and panel discussions are open to the public.

In Era of Marijuana Legalization States Still Enforcing 'Smoke a Joint, Lose Your Driver's License' Law; Fewer States Enforcing

Granville, OH: According to a new analysis by the Clemency Report, some states are still suspending the driver's licenses of convicted cannabis offenders unrelated to any actual driving offense (as part of a federal law called the 1992 Solomon-Lautenberg Act).

The report finds that a majority of states have abandoned enforcing this unfunded federal mandate, with thirty-four states having repealed or never having adopted the policy.

States that rigorously enforce 'smoke a joint, lose your license' laws are, in order of severity based on 2010 data analysis, Virginia (29,086), New York (28,689), Florida (24,430), Texas (23,821) and Pennsylvania (19,969).

Commenting on the report's findings, NORML Legal Counsel Keith Stroup says, "punishing cannabis offenders by suspending their driver's license for non-driving related offenses is illogical, a waste of taxpayer money and sets a bad legal precedent. The remaining fourteen states that enforce this antiquated federal law should immediately cease doing so in cases that do not involve impaired driving."

Read the entire report @ https://clemencyreport.org/drivers-license-suspensions-drug-offenses-state-state-list/.

View a map of enforcement of 'smoke a join, lose your license' laws @ https://clemencyreport.org/states-suspend-drivers-license-drug-possession-list

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