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Survey: Many Medical Cannabis Patients Cease Using Opioids

Chicago, IL: More than two out of three medical marijuana patients substitute cannabis in place of opioids, according to survey data compiled by Aclara Research, a Chicago-based consulting firm.

Sixty-seven percent of respondents reported that they ceased their opioid use after initiating cannabis therapy. Twenty-nine percent of respondents said that cannabis allowed them to decrease their use of opioids.

The findings are similar to those of prior surveys concluding that patients who use cannabis therapeutically typically reduce or cease their use of opioids and other prescription pharmaceuticals.

According to an October 21 academic paper published on SSRN.com, the enactment of medical marijuana access laws is associated with a $2.47 decrease in per person prescribed opioid spending among those between the ages of 18 and 39. Previous studies - such as those here, here, and here - have drawn similar conclusions.

On November 1, members of President Trump's opioid commission rejected the notion that cannabis access is associated with reduced rates of opioid abuse and mortality. By contrast, the US National Institute on Drug Abuse acknowledges that available studies "cumulatively suggest that medical marijuana products may have a role in reducing the use of opioids."

New Jersey: Governor-Elect Pledges Passage Of Adult Use Marijuana Legalization

Trenton, NJ: Governor-Elect Phil Murphy campaigned on a pledge to legalize and regulate the adult use of cannabis in New Jersey. The incoming Democrat governor replaces Chris Christie, a Republican, who publicly opposed liberalizing adult use marijuana penalties.

Commenting on Murphy's election win last week, NORML Executive Director Erik Altieri said, "NORML looks forward to working with Governor-Elect Murphy and other stakeholders in the state to end the disastrous policy of marijuana prohibition and to implement the moral, economic, and scientifically sound policy of legalization and regulation in the Garden State."

According to polling, 65 percent of New Jersey voters "support the legalization of marijuana."

Senate President Stephen Sweeney said that he intends to move an adult use regulation measure to the Governor's desk within the first hundred days of the new administration. By contrast, newly appointed Assembly speaker Craig Coughlin has called for committee hearings to further debate the issue.

Eight states have enacted laws regulating the adult use and retail sale of cannabis. Each of those states did so via the passage of voter-initiated ballot measures. To date, no state has enacted adult use regulation by a legislative vote.

Study: CBD Products Sold Online Are Often Mislabeled
Philadelphia, PA: Retail products marketed and sold online as CBD extracts are typically mislabeled with regard to their potency and ingredients, according to findings published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

A research team led by the University of Pennsylvania analyzed the contents of 84 CBD-infused products, produced by 31 different companies.

Only 30 percent of the products contained percentages of CBD that were within ten percent of the amount advertised. Liquid CBD extracts formulated for vaporization were most likely to be mislabeled. Some products also contained detectable amounts of THC, despite being promoted as THC-free.

A prior study by the team similarly identified inaccuracies in the labeling of the percentage of cannabinoids contained in edible cannabis products.

"There are currently no standards for producing, testing, or labeling these oils," said the study's lead author, Marcel Bonn-Miller in a press release. "Selling these oils without oversight, there is no way to know what is actually in the bottle."

Federal law classifies cannabidiol as a schedule I controlled substance. However, Drug Enforcement Administration representatives in recent months have publicly acknowledged that it is "not a priority" for the agency to target those who use CBD products medicinally.

Full text of the study, "Labeling accuracy of cannabidiol extracts sold online," appears in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

New York: PTSD Patients Now Eligible For Cannabis Therapy

Albany, NY: Legislation signed into law on Saturday permits patients diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to be eligible to receive medicinal cannabis products.

Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed S.5629/A.7006 into law late last week. The law took effect immediately upon passage. New York is the 23rd state to explicitly permit the use of cannabis for symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

According to nationwide survey data conducted on behalf of The American Legion and published earlier this month, more than one in five military veterans engage in the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes.

Study: Oral THC Mitigates Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea

Chicago, IL: The use of oral THC mitigates sleep apnea symptoms compared to placebo, according to clinical trial data published online ahead of print in the journal Sleep.

Investigators at the University of Illinois at Chicago assessed the efficacy of dronabinol treatment in 73 adults diagnosed with moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). They reported that oral THC administration prior to bedtime reduced symptom severity and improved subjective sleepiness.

The results of a prior clinical trial in 2013 similarly reported, "Dronabinol treatment may be a viable alternative or adjunctive therapy in selected patients with OSA."

Full text of the study, "Pharmacotherapy of apnea by cannabimimetric enhancement, the PACE clinical trial: effects of dronabinol on obstructive sleep apnea," appears in Sleep.

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