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Canada: Patients Dramatically Reduce Their Opioid Use Following Cannabis Access

Toronto, Canada: Pain patients enrolled in Canada's legal medical cannabis access program significantly reduce their use of opioids over the long-term, according to longitudinal data provided by Tilray Canada Ltd - one of the nation's largest, licensed provider of medicinal marijuana products.

Investigators assessed opioid use patterns in a cohort of 573 patients using Tilray-provided products. Among those patients who acknowledged using opioids upon enrollment in the trial, 51 percent reported ceasing their opiate use within six-months.

"The high rate of cannabis use for the treatment of chronic pain - and subsequent substitution for opioids - suggests that cannabis may play a harm-reduction role in the ongoing opioid dependence and overdose crisis," said Philippe Lucas, lead investigator of the Tilray Observational Patient Study. "While the cannabis substitution effect for prescription drugs has been identified and assessed via cross-sectional and population-level research, this study provides a granular individual-level perspective of cannabis substitution for prescription drugs and associated improvement in quality of life over time."

The study's findings are similar to those reported among enrollees in medical cannabis programs in the United States, such as the experiences of patients in Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, and elsewhere.

NORML's fact-sheet highlighting the relevant, peer-reviewed research specific to the relationship between cannabis and opioids is available online.

Study: Oral THC Safe And Effective At Treating Symptoms Of Anorexia

Jerusalem, Israel: The daily administration of low doses of oral THC is associated with treating various symptoms associated with anorexia nervosa, according to clinical trial data published in The Israeli Journal of Psychiatry and Related Sciences.

Investigators with Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the Eating Disorders Institution at the University of Haifa assessed the daily use of up to 2mgs of oral THC in patients suffering from chronic anorexia. Participants in the open-label trial ingested THC for a period of three weeks.

Researchers reported significant improvements in participants' self-reported body care, depression, and asceticism (avoidance of all forms of indulgence). Authors further reported that all but two of the nine patient participants gained weight over the course of the trial.

"The present study is the first to show improvement in the psychological symptoms of patient with AN (anorexia nervosa) when treated with delta-9-THC, without side effects," authors concluded. "These encouraging results on a group of chronic AN patients suggest that low doses of delta-9-THC should be further studied as an adjunct to the treatment of patients with AN."

Full text of the study, "The impact of delta-9-THC on the psychological symptoms of anorexia nervosa: A pilot study," appears in The Israeli Journal of Psychiatry and Related Sciences.

Study: CBD Therapy Improves Autistic Symptoms

Jerusalem, Israel: The adjunctive use of high CBD oral extracts is associated with improvements in symptom management in children with autism-related behavioral issues, according to clinical data published online ahead of print in the journal Neurology.

Israeli researchers assessed the use of oral extracts containing a 20 to 1 ratio of CBD to THC in 60 adolescents with autism spectrum disorder.

Following treatment, behavioral outbreaks were "much improved or very much improved in 61 percent of patients." Nearly half of all patients reported improvement in anxiety and in their communication skills, while 29 percent reported a decrease in disruptive behaviors.

Authors concluded, "This preliminary study supports the feasibility of CBD-based medical cannabis as a promising treatment option for refractory behavioral problems in children with ASD."

Full text of the study, "Cannabis-based medical cannabis in children with autism - A retrospective feasibility study," appears in Neurology.

Vermont: County Prosecutors Move To Expunge Past Marijuana Convictions

Burlington, VT: State officials in Chittenden and Windsor counties have publicly announced their intent to vacate past misdemeanor marijuana possession convictions.

State lawmakers in January enacted legislation permitting adults to possess and grow personal use quantities of cannabis. The new law takes effect on July 1, 2018. "In recognition of this change, ... the Windsor and Chittenden County State's Attorneys have agreed to support the expungement of all old misdemeanor marijuana possession offenses," officials announced in a press release.

The expungement process only applies to those with non-felony marijuana offenses, and it is not applicable for those whose crimes occurred outside of Windsor or Chittenden County.

The move follows similar actions taken by officials in other states, including California and Washington, where city and county prosecutors have moved to automatically expunge past cannabis convictions.

Kansas: New Law Excludes CBD From The Criminal Code

Topeka, KS: Republican Gov. Jeff Colyer has signed legislation amending the state's criminal code to explicitly exempt cannabidiol from the definition of marijuana.

Passage of Senate Bill 282 allows for the possession and retail sale of products containing CBD as long as they contain zero percent THC.

Unlike CBD-exemption laws enacted in most other states, Kansas' new law permits all adults - not just those with qualified medical conditions - to possess and purchase CBD products. In April, Indiana enacted similar legislation licensing the retail sale of CBD products to adults.

Arizona: Governor Signs Hemp Research Bill Into Law

Phoenix, AZ: Republican Gov. Doug Ducey has signed legislation, SB 1098, into law establishing a pilot program permitting licensed institutions to research the "growth, cultivation, and marketing of industrial hemp."

Federal provisions (Section 7606) of the 2014 Farm Act explicitly authorizes states to engage in the state-authorized cultivation of hemp for research purposes. Over three-dozen states have enacted legislation permitting licensed hemp cultivation in a manner that is compliant with federal law.

"This bill opens Arizona to the possibility of a new agricultural product," Gov. Ducey said. "I'm glad to sign a bill that could have a positive impact for the state."

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