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You can get away with smoking weed in the following countries:

USA, Uruguay, Ukraine, Turkey, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia, Portugal, Poland, Philippines, Peru, Paraguay, Puerto Rico, Russia, Netherlands, Moldova, Mexico, Malta, Macedonia, Luxembourg, Jamaica, Italy, Israel, India, Greece, Germany, Georgia, Estonia, Ecuador, Czech Republic, Croatia, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Canada, Cambodia, Bolivia, Belize, Belgium, Bangladesh, Austria, Australia, and Argentina.

This mission, within the context of the law of our land, is to expand our directory to include both legal collectives and guides to get high in all of these countries. Updating and expanding the directory with a broader and more experienced vision definitely requires a group effort, not just to grow, but also to maintain, so please contact us if you are interested in work from remote as Directory Manager of a country or state probably of your choice if you jump on this opportunity for future income from the money tree before the worldwide green rush and market peak. All Directory Managers can earn sales commission and residuals. Students can also get internship credit. Email us your resume, region of choice and why @ directory@weedconnection.com and tell your collectives to advertise or send us new or updated information for a free listing through 4-20-2017.

Much more planned for the evolution revolution. Book intergalactic weed tours in queue @WeedConnection

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*Found out that March 8th is #InternationalWomansDay after publishing. Added date to calendar for future. All women have equal opportunity where you better believe that we mos definitely respect and appreciate not only the females, but also all human rights @WeedConnection

  #International #Directory

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