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- Mon, 03 Jul 2015 04:20:21 PST

#FreeTheOG to #FreeTheWeed

Creator @WeedConnection is being charged with more than a felony based on a completely fabricated police report. Preliminary trial is a week from today and this is a real nightmare. Finally meeting with public defender today before possibly consulting with private attorneys. Clear and convincing evidence prove both that allegations are false and attempted entrapment. Haters scheming hard. Innocent defendent has done much to support MMJ POWs in court. Help stop the lies, end frauds and spies, release POWs, #FreeTheOG to #FreeTheWeed for now the best thing you can do:

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FYI: Something is very wrong if both sites go down or are not updated daily; 48 hours of no posting and report to both superb.net and federal/local agencies.

  #FreeTheOG @RussellRope

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