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- Sat, 12 Oct 2013 04:20:21 PST

Stop Denver from Recriminalizing Marijuana!

This past November you helped pass Amendment 64 -- which made Colorado the first state to legalize marijuana for adults.

Despite 66% of Denver voters approving the initiative last November, Mayor Michael Hancock and his allies on the city council are trying to pass a blatantly unconstitutional measure that would make it a crime for adults to use marijuana on private property.

Please take one minute to sign this petition calling on the council members to drop this misguided proposal. They will be considering it at a special meeting on Monday, so we need you to take action now!

Under the proposed ordinance, adults would face up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $1,000 if a neighbor sees them using marijuana in front of a window or smells them using it in their backyard. Another section of the proposed law would make it illegal for an adult to have marijuana in his or her pocket while walking through a public park! As the Denver Post editorialized today, "Such harsh laws would undermine the will of voters and invite confrontations with law enforcement officers charged with enforcing unreasonable laws.”

Taxpayer dollars should not be spent on police looking through people’s windows and sniffing around their homes for marijuana. They also shouldn’t be spent on the legal fees the city would incur while defending this clearly unconstitutional law, which would surely be overturned.

Help kill this foolish proposal today by adding your name to this important petition. Then share this message with everyone you know in Denver and encourage them to sign it, too.

Sensible Colorado Action

P.S. It’s clear that our enemies have regrouped and are attempting to bring back the disastrous policy of marijuana prohibition. Please support your OG(s) @WeedConnection today and help Sensible fight back!

#Denver #Colorado #Action #Alert

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