Hazeless Daze
Acquired From: Ironworks Collective
Price: $Free
Reviewed By: burnonedown@weedconnection.com
- Sun, 25 Sep 2011 04:20:00 PST

These were some funky THC capsules, which were a gift from Ironworks Collective in West Los Angeles. I was dropping off flyers and selling advertising and the owner gave me a few edibles to try. The rice crispy treat and jolly rancher things were alight, their kush was bomb, and these Hazeless Daze pills were... expired... so I gave them to another patient/caregiver. The capsules were clear and filled with a murky tincture-like substance. Apparently this stuff is uber potent and was invented by someone whose face was ripped off in a terrible motorcycle accident. They had to keep this medication on the down low for a while because it was concentrated. How anyone could deny medical cannabis to someone suffering from something so traumatic astonishes me. Glad the times seem to be changing. Free the medical weed!!! Visit Green Cure Co-Op, which is near this spot, in the Venice Beach area.

Hazeless Daze

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