Fudge Stoney Bites
Acquired From: WVC
Price: $10
Reviewed By: buffalosoldier@weedconnection.com
- Mon, 03 Aug 2009 04:20:00 PST

Fudge Stoney Bites are very tastey brownie bites that are covered in powdered sugar. They are uber gooey, almost as rich as cholocate fudge, and were by far the most delicious medicated brownies I have had in a long time, possibly ever! Unfortunately, I blazed before they had a chance to kick in. I could taste the chronic, but there is no label indicating how much medicine was used or what the igrediants are. WVC always has great medication and I highly recommend you give them a visit, try the Fudge Stoney Bites, the Wild Flower Honey, and/or any of their top strains! Please tell them Weed Connection referred you!!!

Fudge Stoney Bites

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