Cocoa Puff and Rice Crispie Treat
Acquired From: Weed Connection Bakery
Price: $10
Reviewed By:
- Sunday 3 Aug 2008 02:36:00 PST

I stopped by the Weed Connection bakery today and picked up a new treat they have been working on. They call it a cereal bar and it\'s basically a dank rice krispie bar stuffed with Cocoa puffs. Amazing. It was super fresh with a light shade of green but the bud didnt overshadow the rice cripies smell at all. Upon first bite I was impressed by the authentic homemade taste with a OG Kush aftertaste. I ate half and sat back to see what happened. Within about 30 min I was feeling a great body high and basically stuck on the couch watching Reno 911. I saved the other half for later before bed and slept like a baby. You gotta try this one.

Cocoa Puff and Rice Crispie Treat

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