Melrose Herbal Pharmacy (MHP)
7262 Melrose Ave., #A (Enter from Alley), Los Angeles, CA 90046
Hours: 7 Days a Week 10:00am-10:00pm
Phone: (323) 933-1906
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Reviewed Thu, 19 Feb 2009 12:16:00 PST

(Visit AHHS or Zen Heaking in WeHo) Melrose Herbal Pharmacy (MHP) is a brand new cannabis club with a small selection of amazing flowerz! MHP is located in the alley behind a few shops on Melrose Avenue between La Brea and Fairfax. This location was easy to find and they have a small lot in the alley, as well as side streets that allow for public parking. There is a door in this open half-garage-half-lot with a sign above it that says "MHP." There are security cameras and you have to get buzzed into this door. A set of stairs leads up to this loft-like waiting room. The entrance to this place caught us off-guard. We expected another set of doors or a small verification window at the top of the stairs. This place is extraordinarily welcoming (minus the stairs, but we do not mind)!

The waiting room at MHP has bright, but soft, orange-yellow walls. This place is very clean and has a nice arrangement of comfy leather couches, a coffee table, and big plasma screen TV. There is also some random art on the walls. Atop the stairs and to the right is a small table with a sign-in sheet and some flyers and cards ( cards!!!). A white, gated door separates the waiting room from the medication room and an office. One of the friendly staff members will greet you as you sign in. They also offered us juice, water, or cookies... yum.

The bright, yellow-walled medication room at Melrose Herbal Pharmacy was a little smaller; however, it could have been the positioning of the display cases and lighting that made it feel this way. A white-board with strains and prices hangs on the wall to the left and the display cases are in front of you as you walk in. They had 16 strains, a few pipes and bongs, and not much else... yet. Prices range from $15-$30 a gram, and $45-$95 for an 8th. The first thing we saw was $95/8th and $30/gram FACEOFF which made us immediately think this place was going to be way overpriced. As we were not quick to jump to a conclusion, we checked out each and every flower in the case. They had some beautiful nuggets here. The compassionately priced Grand Daddy Purple and Trainwreck match the quality of the best I have seen. The OG Kush and Blackberry made my mouth water because they smelled and looked so good. No not really, but they were very very nice we like ::Borat voice:: and $20/$60. There was some Sour Diesel Hash, sodas from 215 Bottling Co., and lollypop that we tried. It was one of those Chronic Candy suckers that tasted like the cannabis stem, but probably was not medicated. Blazed a doobie after eating it so we could not tell you for sure.

Melrose Herbal Pharmacy is a new, welcoming club, with some super dank flowerz. The staff was friendly and on our way out there was actually one more surprise. On the other side of the waiting room there was a door that leads you onto the flat roof. There is a little view of the Hollywood Hills from here. By the way, this place is located on the border of Hollywood and Los Angeles, in case you are not familiar with Melrose. Anyways, they have plans to turn this place into an outdoor patio chill spot for select VIPs, like you Weed Connection review readers! All in all, we recommend supporting this new business; our only problem really was the gritty smoking in the waiting room. They have not had many customers and the weather was cold, but they said they would stop and that the next time I show up it would smell like flowerz or flowers. Most importantly, they did indeed have some chronic. We medicated with of the ridiculously priced FACEOFF, which was bomb and tasted like sweet and sour og, and kinda made our faces and heads tingle, but recommend the OG Kush and the Blackberry Kush. There are some specials; check out our coupons page to find them! Give MHP a visit and we are sure you will find something you like! We will definitely be returning when we flyer Melrose next week. Tell them you read this review. Keep medicating.

Selection:   [ 3 / 5 ]
Pricing:    [ 4 / 5 ]
Staff:     [ 5 / 5 ]
Security:    [ 4 / 5 ]
Parking:     [ 5 / 5 ]

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