Fairfax Cargivers Inc - Sherman Oaks (Closed)
14303 Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, CA 91423
Hours: Mon-Thurs 11am-8pm, Fri 11am-9pm Sat 11am-8pm Sun 12noon-7pm
Phone: (818) 990-0401
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Reviewed by info@weedconnection.com
Reviewed Saturday, 20 Apr 2007 04:20:00 PST

(Closed) Fairfax Sherman Oaks, is pretty much set up just like the Venice, and Hollywood shop. They are located right on Ventura Blvd, and you usually have to find a spot to park on the street. Once inside you are immediatly greeted by a security guard and metal detector. You have to empty out your pockets and then get checked by the guard. The waiting room here is big and has a huge flat screen on the wall with a ton of security camera\'s playing. The verification proccess here took a little while, but they do give you your own Fairfax ID card. This is nice because it can be used at the other two shops as well. Just to get into the medication room here you have to be buzzed though one door and then buzz yourself through another before being let back into the med room. The security here is really high tech, and probably the best system I have seen at any dispensary. The medication room here is ridiculously huge.They have an ATM in the corner and two large display cases full of product. I am not joking when I say the board here had over 40 strains on it. They really have a huge selection of meds here and they ranged from super high grade, all the way to low grade. They carry all kinds of edibles here as well and even have the chronic soda\'s. I also saw a bunch of concentrates and hash too. The staff here was cool and had no problem showing us a bunch of different strains. Pricing was pretty fair too, with something to suit any budget. Fairfax has a huge selection, great security and a cool staff. They really seem to know what they are doing and have a really good operation going. If you are looking for a huge selection and want to feel safe while choosing your meds, then this is the place for you.

Selection:     [ 5 / 5 ]
Pricing:    [ 4 / 5 ]
Staff:    [ 4 / 5 ]
Security:     [ 5 / 5 ]
Parking:    [ 4 / 5 ]

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